Clinician researcher from México

26 July 2019

It's our pleasure to welcome Ms Patty Mitre all the way from the very picturesque San Luis Potosí in México.

Patty's home institution is Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí where she holds a Master of Pharmacobiological Sciences and is undertaking her PhD studies under the supervision of Dra. Rosa Milán.

Patty will work with us until late September 2019, focusing her collaborations on bioequivalence studies, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), dosing regimens optimisation and clinical pharmacy.

She sums up the purpose of her visit in this way: I came to CRE REDUCE at UQCCR as an international visiting research student with Professor Jason Roberts to learn about the development of population PK/PD models for antimicrobials, which are helpful to define doses that improve clinical outcome from infections and prevent the development of bacterial resistance, which is one of the biggest threats to global health.   

Patty's current work focuses on the development of a population pharmacokinetics model of levetiracetam in Mexican adults with epilepsy using NONMEM® software and learning to use pharmacometric software for non-parametric and parametric population modeling/simulation.

Her ambition is to practice clinical pharmacy to provide patient care that optimises medication therapy and promotes health, wellness and disease prevention, as well as implement pharmaceutical services to contribute to the rational and safe use of medicines.