Researcher Profile - Dr Fekade Sime

16 Apr 2024

CRE RESPOND brings together a team of local, national and international researchers who generate new knowledge in antimicrobial resistance and evidence-based personalised antimicrobial drug dosing to change practice and improve patient and health system outcomes. 

Dr Fekade Sime is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at CRE RESPOND. Fekade is driven by a deep-rooted passion for the quest to combat infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance and has embarked on a meaningful journey in antimicrobial research, shaped by academic rigour and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Dr Sime began their academic pursuit at Addis Ababa University, where they obtained a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, followed by a master’s degree in pharmacology. Building upon this foundation, they pursued a PhD in Pharmacy at the University of South Australia, focusing on therapeutic drug monitoring of beta-lactam antibiotics in high-risk patients. Their research, encapsulated in a thesis titled "Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics in High-Risk Patients: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study," underscores their commitment to advancing patient care through scientific inquiry.

Shaped by their experiences in Ethiopia, where infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance pose significant challenges, Dr Sime developed a keen interest in optimizing antimicrobial therapy. This interest serves as the driving force behind their career trajectory. In their role at CRE RESPOND, Dr Sime leads research initiatives aimed at optimizing antimicrobial therapy, with a particular focus on the Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) program. Their expertise extends to the management of in vitro infection models, including the dynamic hollow fibre infection model, showcasing their proficiency in translational research.

Outside the lab, Dr Sime finds relaxation and inspiration in exploring nature's wonders and experiencing different cultures. They also cherish moments spent dining out with loved ones.

For Dr Sime, a career in research offers not only professional fulfilment but also the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society. It is a journey marked by dedication, curiosity, and a genuine desire to improve patient outcomes in the face of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

In the field of healthcare, Dr Sime stands as a dedicated researcher, working diligently to pave the way for a future where infectious diseases are better managed, and antimicrobial resistance is addressed through innovative solutions.