In 2023 the CRE RESPOND Education team shared research and knowledge in an effort to expand our audience and worked to make a real difference in patient outcomes worldwide. Our thanks to sponsors Pfizer, and Gilead who partnered with us in this endeavour. 

We offer sponsorship opportunities to industry collaborators every year including the options for capacity building in antimicrobial stewardship, design of clinical studies and design of better drug dosing regimens in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Please see our 2024 Sponsorship Prospectus here.

CRE RESPOND consistently attracts world-leading experts to deliver relevant and up-to-date knowledge in a format that is applicable to a broad audience of practitioners. Since 2021 we have delivered 28 seminars online and in-person, attracting over 5,600 registrants from over 45 countries. We currently have 268 YouTube videos freely available worldwide to support clinicians with 23.1K views since 2021.

CRE RESPOND is dedicated to ensuring optimal antibiotic use and is confident that the informative events delivered in 2021 - 2023, and planned for 2024 will continue our momentum towards achieving this goal.

In 2024, we will deliver hybrid education (in-person and online) events throughout the year which focus on the following topics with the goal of providing better antimicrobial treatment to reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance:

  • Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy / Hospital in the Home Masterclasses focusing on models of care in different environments
  • Antimicrobial Optimisation Workshop: PK analysis and dosing software
  • Precision Dosing in various patient populations
  • Advancing the use of microsampling to support effective dosing
  • Antimicrobial dosing for anaesthetics and surgery
  • Respiratory Infections: Tuberculosis

Lastly, in June 2024, we will host a one-day CRE Forum event with local, national and international speakers. This will engage collaborators, consumers, clinicians, industry representatives and our broader education community to share results from our research, with a view to further disseminate and inform clinical practice and recommendations.

In 2023, the most popular seminars included the Antimicrobial Optimisation – Obese Patients and the Dosing in Asia Pacific, attracting 279 and 256 registrants respectively. Our final event for 2023, Respiratory Infections: Pneumonia, will be held on 23 November, totalling 10 hybrid seminars across the year.

 A majority of registrants were from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and United States of America with others from countries spanning the globe including India, Belgium, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and more.

Contact Professor Jason Roberts or Luminita Vlad to request a copy of the 2024 sponsorship prospectus and webinar topics.