About CRE RESPOND Forum 2024: Developments in reducing antimicrobial resistance through optimised dosing

Join CRE RESPOND for their 2024 Forum to hear the latest updates and developments in reducing antimicrobial resistance through optimised dosing.

Over the past two and a half years, our team, together with PhD students, has actively collaborated with centres and hospitals worldwide to continue our activity around optimised antimicrobial 
use. This forum will present some of our most recent exciting data and we hope that it will provide a springboard from which to plan for future innovations in clinical practice in infectious disease.

CRE RESPOND offers light lunch to those attending in person from 1pm. Zoom link will be provided to those attending the seminar online.

11:30pm Arrivals and light lunch

1:30pm AEST Session 1: Translating research into practice
Chair: Professor Jason Roberts, Director, UQCCR and CRE RESPOND, Brisbane, Australia


  • Importance of antibiotic dosing for optimising health outcomes, Dr Lowell Ling, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Meeting the needs of the community through consumer involvement in infectious diseases research, Jacinta Smith
  • Importance of partner design in projects, Dr Natasha Roberts, UQCCR
  • How literature informs antimicrobial dosage recommendations in Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic, Lisa Waddell, Therapeutic Guidelines Limited
  • How literature informs international treatment guidelines, Professor Jan De Waele, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium
  • BLING: a bench to bedside to policy program, Professor Jeff Lipman, Dr Hafiz Abdul Aziz, CRE RESPOND
  • RBWH Foundation, Simone Garske

3:20pm AEST Session 2: Preclinical studies and clinical pharmacokinetics
Chair: Professor Jan De Waele, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium


  • In vitro infection models, Associate Professor Cornelia Landersdorfer, Monash University
  • Experimental models, eg RRT, and nebulised models, Associate Professor Jayesh Dhanani, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • OPAT stability studies, Professor Mark Gilchrist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK
  • Subcutaneous antibiotic dosing, Associate Professor Laurens Manning, The University of Western Australia
  • SAFE-ICU, Dr Patty Mitre, UQCCR
  • ASAP-ECMO, Dr Hafiz Abdul Aziz, UQCCR
  • M-DRIFT, Professor Andrej Trampuz, Jamieson Trauma Institute
  • PIMS, Dr Suzanne Parker, UQCCR
  • PT in Pelvic Exenteration, Xin Liu, UQCCR

4:40pm AEST Session 3: Translating dosing into practice change and regulation 
Chair:  Professor Jason Roberts


  • DIRECT, Dr Adam Irwin, UQCCR
  • ROAD, Dr Aaron Heffernan, UQCCR
  • QPEX, Dr Patty Mitre, UQCCR
  • BSAC OPAT (CAZ AVI), Saiyuri Naicker, UQCCR
  • PRAGMATIC, Midori Nakagaki and Dr Natasha Roberts, UQCCR
  • BLING panel discussion with refreshments: Moderated by Dr Hafiz Abdul-Aziz, with the following panel: Professor Jeffrey Lipman, Associate Professor Joel Dulhunty, Dr Elissa Milford, Professor Jan De Waele

6:15pm AEST Forum concludes

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Level 2, UQCCR building 71, UQ Herston