Professor Sara Cosgrove

Antibiotic Stewardship in the Inpatient Setting: Notes from the field

Dr Leigh Nind

International and National AMR Initiatives in Animal Health

Dr Jeannette Young

QLD Government Welcome

Dr Kirsten Bailey

Veterinary Antimicrobial Prescribing in Australia

Dr Adam Stewart

Non-antibiotic drugs and AMR

Dr Paul Chapman and Dr Michael Thomas

Should we expand the use of FMT?

Dr Kathryn Daveson

Companion animal - human AMR dynamics

Associate Professor Martin Batstone

Antibiotic use in dentistry and oral surgery

Associate Professor Noleen Bennet

Residential care facilities and AMR

Dr Bill Lukin

Antibiotics at end of life in aged care


New Drugs session

Dr Hugh Wright - New antibiotics in Australia - what is coming 

Prof Allen Cheng - Dynamic guidelines to account for resistance

Prof James McCarthy - Are we winning against malaria? 

Mr Paul Williams - Dosing guidelines to optimise antibiotics

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National Level AMS session

Dr John Beggs - Water, sanitation and hygiene in AMR

Ms Amy Legg - AMS in the tropics

Dr Geoffrey Spurling - AMS for urban indigenous communities 

Dr Trent Yarwood - Implementation of AMS in regional settings

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