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Dr Parker's fundamental research interest is the improved healthcare of infants and children through evidence-based drug dosing. Dr Parker is a bioanalyst with 20 years of experience designing methods to measure drugs in biological fluids, positioning her to develop kinder, less-invasive sampling methods that can improve the feasibility of clinical dosing studies. Dr Parker’s research career has furthered these laboratory skills into a translational framework: by applying innovation in microsampling her research will define evidence-based antibiotic dosing regimens.

Research Impacts

To advance her research program, in 2016 Dr Parker established the Clinical Microsampling Group. Her research and experience is cross-disciplinary - based in infectious diseases, pharmacokinetic modelling and bioanalysis

Dr Parker has a series of important publications culminating in the characterization of fosfomycin, an antibiotic vital for the treatment of multi-drug resistant pathogens. This provided crucial evidence for effective dosing of this antibiotic in critically ill patients and advanced change in clinical practice. Dr Parker’s research has also produced world-first evidence essential for the implementation of microsampling in a clinical environment. Dr Parker has developed population pharmacokinetic models for clinical collaborators to describe dosing of drugs in challenging patient groups.

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Pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials in critically ill paediatric patients
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