Visiting PhD scholar

6 March 2017

Everyone at CRE REDUCE is delighted to be hosting Dr Sofie Dhaese, our visiting PhD scholar from Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.

Sofie graduated from Ghent University Medical School in June 2015 and has been in training for internal medicine specialty since then.

In October 2016, Sofie started her predoctoral research under the supervision of Prof Jan De Waele - one of the Chief Investigators within the CRE REDUCE.

The main focus of Sofie's research is a pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) analysis of beta-lactam antibiotics administered via continuous infusion in critically ill patients. Specifically, Sofie is working on PD indeces of betalactam antibiotics and a predictive PK model of beta-lactam concentration in critically ill patients. 

Sofie is spending three months in Australia, collaborating with the researchers at the Centre and in her spare time enjoying the uniqueness of the south-east Queensland.