2023 CRE RESPOND Education Program

17 October 2022

The Centre of Research Excellence RESPOND (CRE RESPOND) presents the 2023 preliminary education program. In the coming year, the CRE RESPOND team aims to continue sharing the latest and most relevant research and knowledge, grow its audience, and continue impacting clinical practice to make a real difference in patient outcomes worldwide.

We will achieve this by collaborating nationally and internationally to engage high-quality presenters and deliver relevant and current education that supports clinical decisions and better research activities to improve care for patients and their families.

Our goal is to expand the reach and impact of the program by producing content (webinars and eLearning or online modules) that is freely accessible by the clinical community (clinicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals) on the CRE RESPOND YouTube channel. We use social media to encourage traffic to these online resources and build stronger connections for the community.

We invite potential industry sponsors to partner with CRE RESPOND and support us in our endeavour to disseminate current research and best clinical practice more broadly. The partnership would facilitate the delivery of hybrid education (in-person and online) events throughout the year which focus on the following topics with the goal of providing better antimicrobial treatment to reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance:

  • Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy / Hospital in the Home Masterclasses focusing on models of care in different environments
  • Precision antimicrobial dosing in various patient populations
  • Antimicrobial optimisation including the use of genomics-informed therapeutics in infectious diseases to inform therapeutic decisions
  • Advancing the use of microsampling in paediatric care and for therapeutic drug monitoring in adult populations
  • Pharmacometrics workshop

We offer sponsorship opportunities, including the options for capacity building in antimicrobial stewardship, design of clinical studies and design of better drug dosing regimens in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The program is scheduled to begin in March 2023.

CRE RESPOND will continue to ascertain the success of the Education Program through measurements such as: participant evaluation surveys, attendance levels, viewership of online video content, and maintaining or increasing visibility as a leading authority in the field.

Survey results show that most of the audience is extremely satisfied with the overall quality of the information delivered and considers our content to be highly useful and applicable in the clinical setting. CRE RESPOND consistently attracts world-leading experts to deliver relevant and up-to-date knowledge in a format that is applicable to a broad audience of practitioners. In 2021 we delivered 11 seminars online and in-person, attracting 2333 registrations from 40 countries and adding 50 recordings to our library of 158 YouTube videos which are freely available worldwide to support clinicians (9k views in 2021). By the end of 2023, we will have delivered another eight education events: one webinar, and seven hybrid. This year’s first five events attracted 917 registrations and counting as we deliver the last three. Another 23 educational videos are already uploaded to YouTube.

On average, the OPAT/HITH Masterclass webinars regularly achieve 195 registrations from invitations sent to the CRE RESPOND subscription list. The OPAT/HITH Masterclass on Solutions for Drug Stability held in March 2022 received 293 registrations, and the Worldwide Precision Dosing hybrid event 251 registrations from over 20 countries. Participants attend from across Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Indonesia, Korea and beyond.

Download the Prospectus.

For more information contact Professor Jason Roberts or Luminita Vlad at cre.respond@uq.edu.au .