Clinical problem: Current sepsis antimicrobial dosing guidelines may not be appropriate in developing countries where research is rarely done. Sub-optimal antimicrobial use in the Asia-Pacific can indirectly affect Australians.

Generating new knowledge: We will perform multicentre dosing studies various antimicrobials in critically ill patients with sepsis in Malaysia (n=300) and Indonesia (n=155).

Capacity building: Dr Abdul-Aziz (CRE funded; UQ PD1), Mr Eko Setiawin (PhD5), Dr Sazllyna-Mohd Sazlly-Lim (PhD6) and Ms Puteri Zamri (PhD7) – all PhDs funded by international agencies

Collaborations: Led by CIJ Parker (NHMRC Fellow; UQ PD2) & Dr Abdul-Aziz (CRE funded; UQ PD1) and international collaborators.

Funding: Confirmed Malaysian Ministry of Health & Endeavour International, CRE RESPOND.

Project members

Dr Mohd Hafiz Abdul-Aziz

Clinical dosing studies workstream lead
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
UQ Centre for Clinical Research