Researcher biography

Dr. Hafiz Abdul–Aziz is currently a research fellow at the Burns, Trauma and Critical Care Research Centre (BTCCRC) and Centre for Research Excellence for Redefining Antimicrobial Use to Reduce Resistance (CRE REDUCE) at the University of Queensland, Australia. Hafiz is a clinical pharmacist with a strong interest in clinical research, particularly those involving multi-centre and multi-national collaborations. Hafiz received his Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Clinical Pharmacy degrees from Malaysia, prior to completing his PhD at the University of Queensland in 2016. Hafiz's doctoral thesis was on pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD)-optimised beta-lactam dosing in critically ill patients.

His main research theme is primarily centred on finding novel solutions to optimise and personalise antimicrobial dosing in special patient populations, particularly in critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). Hafiz also believes that precision-based antibiotic dosing in the ICU can be achieved by integrating the use of dosing software and therapeutic drug monitoring into daily clinical practice. Hafiz has extensive experience in designing and conducting multi-centre/multi-national clinical pharmacokinetic studies in ICUs across Australia, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea and Switzerland.