Optimised Treatment of Mycobacterial Infections

7 February 2020


We are kicking off our professional learning and development courses for the year with a seminar in Melbourne, delivered on Wednesday February 26, a day prior to Australian Society for Antimicrobials 21st Annual Scientific Meeting - Antimicrobials 2020

The focus is on Optimised Treatment of Mycobacterial Infections, treatment of which remains a major challenge for the healthcare community with the requirement for long multi-drug regimens with a high likelihood of toxicity.

The lecture driven seminar will be suitable for infectious and intensive care physicians, public health physicians, respiratory physicians, pharmacists, nurses and others interested in antimicrobial optimisation and minimising the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

The speakers include national leaders in epidemiology of non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), experts in diagnostic and susceptibility testing in TB and NTM as well as proponents of novel therapeutic options for TB and new research directions for clinical trials of NTM infections.

Please access the detailed programme for the day right here and share the following link to the event with your contacts - http://bit.ly/Mycobact_Infections

We plan to record the lectures and make them available on our webpages after the event.

The venue for the seminar is located within the University of Melbourne Parkville campus in the Elisabeth Murdoch G06 lecture theatre.

Recordings of the seminar on the optimised treatment of mycobacterial infections held in Melbourne on 26 February 2020 are now available here.