Visiting Academic - Dr Matteo Morra

11 Jul 2024

Reflecting on my journey at UQCCR, I can confidently say it was a transformative experience that significantly impacted my academic and personal growth. I am Matteo Morra, a final-year Infectious Disease registrar from Verona University Hospital, Italy and, this past May and June, I had the opportunity to join Professor Roberts' team in Brisbane through the ESCMID Observership Program.

My career journey has been both challenging and rewarding. During my medical studies I became fascinated by the interactions between pathogens and the human body. This naturally led me to specialize in infectious diseases. My residency provided me with extensive clinical experience and exposure to a diverse patient population and, throughout my training, I have focused on integrating research into clinical practice to enhance therapeutic strategies. This approach has been driven by the need to answer clinical questions through evidence-based methods, reinforcing my dedication to research and patient care. My interests lie mainly in the methodology of research, striving to be as effective as possible and translating results so they can be easily interpreted.

When I first arrived at UQCCR, I embraced the opportunity to adapt to a new and stimulating environment. The initial phase was exciting, as I had the chance to grasp new ideas and collaborate with professionals from various fields. The incredible support and warm welcome from the UQCCR team made a significant difference. Their dedication to helping me learn and grow was evident from the start, easing my transition and making me feel at home.

My primary objective during this observership was to enhance my understanding of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimicrobials. This knowledge is crucial for providing top-quality care to my patients. Throughout my time at UQCCR, I focused on developing skills in population pharmacokinetics and gaining a profound appreciation for model-informed precision dosing. The expertise I acquired will undoubtedly shape my future research endeavors and benefit my colleagues back in Verona.

The true essence of my experience at UQCCR lay in the collaborative and supportive atmosphere fostered by the team. Every individual I met displayed an unwavering passion for their work and a genuine commitment to advancing knowledge. Their willingness to share insights, exchange ideas, and provide guidance was inspiring. Engaging with such a diverse and talented group of professionals broadened my horizons and enriched my research perspective.

In addition to academic growth, the personal connections I made during this period were invaluable. The camaraderie and mutual respect within the UQCCR community created an environment where learning thrived. These interactions not only enhanced my professional skills but also contributed to my personal development.

In summary, my observership at UQCCR was an exceptional and enriching experience. It provided me with vital research skills and connected me with a network of dedicated and inspiring individuals. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and confident that the knowledge and memories gained during my time at UQCCR will continue to influence my academic and professional journey.