Advanced mechanism-based mathematical modelling will be applied to design optimal regimens that maximise patient outcomes while minimising the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Data generated from the clinical pharmacokinetics studies and the hollow fibre infection model will be used in this workstream. 

Design of optimal dosing strategies studies will be coordinated by Workstream 3 Lead, Dr Patty Mitre, and she will be responsible for collating studies’ status, progress and milestone reports and ensuring they are escalated to the Operations Committee or Steering Committee for consideration and advice.

The objective of this workstream is to combine clinical PK data from the clinical dosing studies with the pharmacodynamic (PD) exposures from the dynamic bacterial-kill studies to define and design novel, effective and feasible dosing strategies.

Workstream 3: Design optimal dosing strategies
Project lead
Innovative dosing
Combine in vivo clinical PK data (Objective 1) and dynamic in vitro resistance data (Objective 2) into robust pharmacometric models for innovative antimicrobial doses