Pmetrics pharmacometric modelling workshop

This Pmetrics pharmacometrics modelling workshop is suitable for health care practitioners involved in complex drug dosing including clinical pharmacists, infectious diseases physicians and researchers, intensive care physicians, transplant physicians and clinical pharmacologists. It is also suitable for basic researchers including pharmacologists and translational scientists wanting to learn robust methods for the analysis of data from pharmacokinetic studies.

Learning objectives

1. Using the Pmetrics package for R:

  • Define pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics(PK/PD) structural models that can be solved analytically and models that require differential equations
  • Analyse PK and PK/PD datasets
  • Perform basic Monte Carlo simulations for PK and PK/PD analysis

2. With the antimicrobial dosing software tool, users will explore:

  • Application of pharmacometric methods to dose individualisation
  • Optimise dosing for an individual patient

Antimicrobial Optimisation Workshop: Population pharmacokinetic modelling and dosing software

5 March 2024 8:00am7 March 2024 4:30pm
Join us for the CRE RESPOND Antimicrobial Optimisation Workshop: Population pharmacokinetic modelling and dosing software for 2024.

Lyon Pmetrics Pharmacometrics Workshop

6 July 2023 10:00am7 July 2023 4:00pm
Bridging microbiology and pharmacology: understanding Monte Carlo simulations, Probability of Target Attainment, PK/PD breakpoints, and associated antibiotic dosages with Pmetrics

Pharmacometrics Seminar

24 May 2023 1:00pm3:00pm
Thankyou for joining us for the CRE RESPOND hybrid seminar to hear the experts' updates and information on Pharmacometrics.

Pmetrics Pharmacometric Modelling Workshop

11 October 2021 8:00am12 October 2021 5:30pm
Thank you to our local and international online participants!